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Warehousing Center's Issues And Expertise

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  • Receiving
  • RFID Technology
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Put Away unit-load
  • Put Away less-than-unit-load
  • Inventory Management
  • Storage Allocation
  • Storage Assignment
  • Slotting
  • Picker Routing
  • Order Batching
  • Visiting strategies
  • Operations Scheduling

Warehousing Center at Bologna University

The Warehousing Center is the result of several research studies and industry applications on storage systems and warehousing systems, including logistic networks, logistics outsourcing, design and management of distribution centers, spare parts management, material handling, automation, optimization, order picking systems, vehicle routing, packaging, vehicle loading, etc. Special expertise deals with the design, management and optimization of:

  • less than unit load systems, e.g. picking systems for spare parts management and distribution, kitting and picking systems for lean production (manufacturing and assembly systems). A few examples: automotive industry, machining system production, tile industry, etc.

  • unit load systems based on “lane design & optimization” (e.g. block storage systems, drive in). Several significant examples deal with food and beverage industry.

Issues, aims and scopes of the Warehousing Center at UniBO

Main issues of the Warehousing Center deal with: picking, packing, material handling, automated systems (e.g. mini-load, automated storage & retrieval systems - AS/RS ), vehicle loading, vehicle routing, network design, distribution center design and management, reverse (undirect) picking, forward reserve systems, picking technologies (e.g. light picking and voice picking ), bucket brigades, RFID technologies, etc.

Aim of this research center is the development and applications of innovative and effective models, methods, tools and technologies for warehouses and storage systems in order to minimize costs, increase the efficiency and customer service level, monitoring and control environmental effects (conducting sustainability analyses).

Recent expertise and applications

The Warehousing Center has recently conducted several public and private researches on warehousing and storage systems, with a special focus on: plant layout design and storage system configuration, storage allocation and storage assignment of skus in order picking systems, optimization of spare parts systems (with more than 200000 skus), development of innovative supporting decisions models and tools for the design, management and control of warehousing systems (both unit-load and less-than-unit-load).

The Center is involved in many industrial applications and different sectors (e.g. automotive, heavy industry, tile industry, food, grocery, etc.).

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