Department of Industrial Engineering


Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering – DIN is a research-led institution employing, permanently, about 20 full professors, 16 associate professors, 23 graduate researchers, 22 among administration personnel and technicians, 45 doctorate students and, temporarily, several graduate and visiting researchers. The Department expertise spans the whole range of the following research areas, Aeronautical and Aerospace Plants and Systems, Automation and Applied Mechanics, Design Tools and Methods in Industrial Engineering, Endothermal Engines and Fluid Machines, Fluidodynamics, Industrial Bioengineering, Industrial Mechanical Plants, Logistic and Transportation, Machine Design, Nuclear Reactor Physics, Technology and Production Systems. The classification of research issues corresponds to the definition of research activity for the SSD ING-IND/17, as proposed by the MURST - Decreto Settori Scientifico Disciplinari Allegato B (D.M. 4 ottobre 2000):

  • Analysis, planning, design and optimization of industrial plants and production systems (both manufacturing and service sectors);
  • Analysis, planning, design and optimization of technical service plants for industrial activities;
  • Analysis, planning, design and optimization of production processes and technologies;
  • Ergonomics and safety in production systems;
  • Management of production systems;
  • Logistics;
  • Automation in production systems.

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